The residence Thea offers all the modern comforts combined with the natural beauty of the island.

The magnificent view of the mountain and our hospitality will help you to relax and enjoy your vacation far away from all the stress of your everyday life.  

Thea can accommodate up to 4 people while it has two suite size bedrooms, a common area with a full equipped kitchen and a living room, a private pool, a private parking and a mountain and sea view.

Baby items for your child are available. 

The usage of stone and the natural coatings in earthy colors combined with the furnishings and the unique quality beds, mattresses and pillows of the Coco - mat company create a sense of familiar and warm space.  

In the villa you can find Wi - fi coverage thoughout the house, private parking, private pool 6.5 x , private garden, Smart TV, BBQ, Coco - mat sleep systems and Netflix. 

Thea is only 250 meters far from the village Elios and 750 meters from the wellknown beach of Hovolo.  

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