The Villas

Welcome to the island of Skopelos, the greenest island of the Aegean sea. The dense forests cover almost 80% of Skopelos and the deep blue sea and sky create an unparalleled natural beauty. In the town there is a mix of different architectural styles, which travel tourists in time, while the island is full of old traditional churches, chapels and monasteries. 

In the village of Elios, 12 km from the port of Glossa and 20 km from the port of Skopelos, we created with a lot of love and passion, three independent villas of 67 sqm., each one having 2 bedrooms, a private bathroom, a kitchen with salon, a BBQ and a 6,5x3 private pool. Elios Zen Villas exceptional and privileged position, into the forest and with sea view, predispose moments of enjoyment and tranquility. The nearby village of Elios with all the facilities and easy access to the beach completes the requirements for an ideal holiday destination. 

A ZEN escape for you, your family and your friends.

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