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Design - Architecture

High design level, fully harmonized with the environment, offering plenty of conveniencies. Architecture, with respect to the principles of local craftsmen. The entire construction makes use of natural materials in the wider area, such as stone.


The residence Elia, one of the three villas of Elios Zen Villas complex, offers all the modern comforts combined with the natural and traditional beauty of the green Skopelos.

The magnificent view of the mountain, the decor, the comfort of the place, the authentic wooden and stone character and the hospitality, will help you to relax and enjoy your vacation far away from all the stress of your everyday life. 


The residence Thea is located at the highest point of Elios Zen Villas complex, offering a magnificent view and comfort. 


The residence Drosia, one of the three villas of Elios Zen Villas complex, offers a nice feeling due to the magnificent view and the dew all day long. Very close to Drosia, you will find the village Elios, restaurants, a pharmacy, a mini market and the popular beach of Hovolo. 






Fully equipped villas, offering high quality services, allowing a pleasant stay.

Our Gallery

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